Log of updates to arnoldfaden.org and related sites.

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Added table of contents

We added dynamically generated tables of contents to a couple of pages on arnoldfaden.org. (Better yet might be to generate them statically to avoid reliance on JavaScript.) Hope this helps make it easier to navigate the pages. One way we simplified the code a bit was to use a details element to get the hide/showContinue reading “Added table of contents”

Uploaded “Natural Selection, Economics and Probability”

We uploaded an October 1987 manuscript for “Natural Selection, Economics and Probability”: The natural selection concept achieved fame, of course, through Darwin’s Origin of Species (1859), and was applied almost at once to the social sphere. This literature has continued to the present day when it is in fact enjoying something of a revival. So,Continue reading “Uploaded “Natural Selection, Economics and Probability””

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