Uploaded reply from Lionel McKenzie

Uploaded a letter from Lionel McKenzie [PDF], originator of part of the theory being extended, replying to a note about The Theory of Comparative Advantage for Many Industries and Many Countries.

Uploaded “The Theory of Comparative Advantage for Many Countries and Many Industries”

Uploaded an article from 1992: “The Theory of Comparative Advantage for Many Countries and Many Industries” [PDF]. Abstract: The theory of comparative advantage is extended to the case of many countriesand industries, building on the work of McKenzie and Jones. General conditions for production patterns to be viable and efficient are found, and an enumerationContinue reading “Uploaded “The Theory of Comparative Advantage for Many Countries and Many Industries””

Uploaded “Natural Selection, Economics and Probability”

We uploaded an October 1987 manuscript for “Natural Selection, Economics and Probability”: The natural selection concept achieved fame, of course, through Darwin’s Origin of Species (1859), and was applied almost at once to the social sphere. This literature has continued to the present day when it is in fact enjoying something of a revival. So,Continue reading “Uploaded “Natural Selection, Economics and Probability””

Revised “Simplicial Geometry: a Barycentric Approach”

Finished rewriting from scratch the LaTeX code [ZIP] for Simplicial Geometry: a Barycentric Approach [PDF]. (In the process, corrected a few typos present in the original.) Also added a link to Gail Summers‘s interesting 1977 masters thesis using a post-bayesian approach [PDF]: Applied forecasting with an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model [PDF].

Updated scan for GHP in perspective

We’ve uploaded a cleaner scan of “Are There Objective Values?: The GreatestHappiness Principle in Perspective” (April 2002). “This is the presentation of a whole new philosophical system — ethics, ontology, epistemology, politics, the works.” This was written in conjunction with a talk delivered to the Iowa State Philosophy Club. (Recording [MP3]). For more, see


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